Train to be a writing coach

Writing coaches support authors to flourish and grow, helping to create a whole new generation of creative writers. This can be an extraordinarily rewarding and successful career. Kathy is now offering training and supervision to others who would like to become writing coaches and associates of Gale & Co.

The training covers the skills and techniques authors need to learn; methods of coaching; how to encourage and support creativity; how to deal with emotional issues and blocks; and how to manage the challenges, difficulties and anxieties that might arise in the work.  You will be supported to work with writers as individuals and, if you wish, in groups.

Working with authors to develop their writing and to see their careers thrive and grow has been one of the great joys of my professional life. I am excited to be offering the opportunity to others to work with writers in a similar way and in a very thoughtful and supportive context.
— Kathy Gale

The associate coaches will continue in ongoing supervision so that they can continue to explore issues that arise in their work and receive ongoing support from Kathy.

Coaches will also be given the opportunity to shadow Kathy as she works with authors.

Kathy has a waiting list for her own thriving practice and her aim is to develop a network of skilled and sensitive coaches to whom she can refer clients and support them to grow their equally busy and successful practices. She envisages that Gale & Co coaches will work collaboratively and in a spirit of mutual support, referring clients to each other as their practices become full and to reflect particular areas of expertise.

Flourishing writers and flourishing coaches

As well as her work as a writing coach, Kathy is a psychotherapist and executive coach. She believes that successful, ethical writing coaching involves both detailed skills training and emotional awareness, and that this combination has been important to the success of the authors she has worked with.  You can find an article Kathy has written on the subject here.

There are ways of being that can be transformative to authors: honesty and straightforwardness combined with unconditional positive regard; the use of open questions; a quality of reflectiveness; and a belief in the human being’s innate tendency towards self-actualisation. These can have an extraordinary effect on the creative process.
— Kathy Gale

Kathy would like the Gale & Co associate coaches to be supported by ongoing coaching and supervision in the same way as psychotherapists, which Kathy sees as an excellent model for all individuals who work with other people.  This can in turn support clients to maximize their creativity.

Practical details

Training and supervision will be provided in one-to-one sessions, which will take place in Islington or Walthamstow in north London. When the trainee and Kathy agree that the new coach is ready to begin working with authors, Kathy will put their details on the website and, where practical, refer clients to them. The timing will depend on a variety of factors, including how experienced the new coach is as an editor when they begin training with Kathy.

Gale & Co coaches will remain in ongoing supervision with Kathy at a regularity that will be discussed and agreed. As always at Gale & Co, this will be individually tailored to provide the best support to the person working with us, with an emphasis on enabling them and their practice to thrive.

And finally . . .

In her work as an executive coach, Kathy has supported many clients to change career direction and create a successful future. 

If you would like to train to work with Kathy in order to support writers and develop a successful career in this field, please contact us.


Catherine Wilkins worked with Kathy on a young adult novel. She now has four young adult books published with leading children’s publisher, Nosy Crow.

Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make your whole trip that way
— E L Doctorow


Gale & Co trainee coaches will have had some experience in writing or editing, such as being published writers themselves or having worked as an editor in publishing. They will also have some understanding of emotional awareness and may have previously trained or worked with others in a thoughtful and/or therapeutic way, for example as editors, counsellors, health practitioners or executive coaches.


The fee for training and supervision with Kathy is £100 an hour. There will be a £50 fee for a website listing and a £50 fee, plus 5% of all income received, for referrals where the client works with the coach for more than six hours.

Coaching for individuals

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Coaching in groups

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